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CBDC First-Time Entrepreneur Loan:
Financing and support for first-time entrepreneurs and business owners.  The first-time entrepreneur loan is for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start or purchase a business. 

CBDC General Business Loan:
Financing for existing entrepreneurs and businesses.  The general business loan is for existing entrepreneurs and businesses to finance their ongoing business operations and activities. 

CBDC Innovation Loan:
Financing for the development and/or adoption of new technology.  The innovation loan is for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to either develop and/or adopt new technology in their business operations.

CBDC Youth Loan:
Financing for young entrepreneurs.  The youth loan is for young entrepreneurs ages 19-34 who want to start, maintain, or expand a business.  

CBDC Social Enterprise Loan:
Financing for not-for-profits conducting business activities (selling products or services).  The social enterprise loan is for non-profit organizations that require commercial financing to support their business activities.


Business Counseling And Advice:
The CBDC South Coast provides business counseling and advice to entrepreneurs and businesses.  Assistance can be provided with business planning, startup, operation, and succession planning.  Information and guidance is provided on financial management, small business management, bookkeeping, marketing, human resource management, customer service and many other small business topics.  Business counseling is typically provided on an individual basis with a specific client or business need and also in a group setting when training on business topics are provided in a general format. 

Business Resources And Referrals:  Information and resource guides are available on various small business topics as well as advise on doing business and market research.  Referrals are made as appropriate and necessary to other business service providers, lenders, organizations, and government departments or agencies to meet client needs.

Business Checkpoint:  New entrepreneurs with new business startups as well as seasoned business owners with well established businesses will always need to adapt to constant change impacting their businesses.   The business environment is always changing from industry adjustments, demographic shifts, new customer expectations, new technology, shifting financial environment, increased regulatory demands and the list goes on.  Resources and confidential assistance can be provided to help plan and respond with the ultimate goal of being proactive rather than reactive. 

Financial support is provided to the CBDC South Coast by ACOA.
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